Five Tricks to Keep the Halloween Treats off Your Teeth

Halloween is around the corner and that brings a lot of excitement for children. Their biggest hope is for a ton of candy; the more the better! But, that bag of goodies can be a parent’s worst nightmare.
According to a KidsHealth survey, most kids said they get at least 50 pieces of candy from trick-or-treating, with over 44 percent saying they arrive home with over 100 candy items. Thankfully, only about 20 percent said they indulge in every single last bit of their goodies.
Spook Away Those Cavities
This is a great time of year to teach your children good oral health habits for life, without depriving them of Halloween treats. Check out these five tricks that can help your children’s mouths stay healthy during Halloween and every other time of year.
  1. Eat Halloween candy and other sweets with meals. Saliva production increases during meals and helps get rid of acids produced by bacteria in your mouth. Spit also helps rinse away food particles in and around your teeth.
  2. Avoid hard candy that stays in your mouth for a long period of time. The length of time sugary food is in your mouth plays a large role in tooth decay. Unless it is a sugar-free product, candies that you suck on for a long period of time put teeth at an increased risk for tooth decay. 
  3. Stay away from candies that stick to your teeth. Stickier candies, like taffy and gummy bears, take longer to get washed out of the crevasses of your teeth by saliva, which increases the risk for tooth decay.
  4. Drink a fair amount of water. Drinking optimally fluoridated water can help prevent tooth decay. If you choose bottled water, look for kinds that have fluoride.
  5. Steer clear of sugary drinks such as soda, sports drinks and flavored water. Tooth decay risk increases when your teeth come in frequent contact with beverages containing sugar.

 What Dentists Think About This Haunted Holiday
Many dentists say it is actually better for kids to gorge themselves on candy as opposed to rationing it out. Snacking on Halloween candy for a few hours each day keeps your teeth coated in sugar and enamel-corroding acid which then leads to cavities. If kids eat a lot of candy all in one night, and don’t eat it consistently day after day, that sugar build up won’t haunt them as much.
Also, make sure to brush immediately after eating those Halloween treats. The American Dental Association recommends brushing teeth at least twice a day.
Protect those Pearly Whites
New this year at 9Health Fair, you will find fluoride varnishes for kids, and there’s no better time than now to take advantage of this free screening. No bones about it, this is a great way to keep those beastly bacteria off your little ones teeth. Our Family 9Health Fairscontinue each weekend through November 8th; make sure to bring the whole family! Share your healthy mouth tricks with us on Facebook.