Food Addicts Find Solutions

Food Addicts (FA) members are men and women of all ages.  Some have been obese; others have been severely underweight, bulimic, or so obsessed with food or weight that normal life was difficult or impossible. The common denominator uniting members of FA is addiction and a relationship with food that parallels an alcoholic’s relationship with alcohol.
Before learning about FA, one member’s weight was 314 pounds and climbing – yet again.  He would eventually reach a top weight of 341. (He was actually heavier than that but would not get on a scale.) Besides being morbidly obese, he had plantar fasciitis in both feet, a bad right knee and lower back, heart palpitations, acid reflux, undiagnosed sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  He suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, bouts of vertigo, depression, fear, doubt and insecurity.  Since coming to FA, getting a sponsor and utilizing the tools of the program, the weight came off.  He now weighs 165 pounds and has maintained that weight for more than five years.  He no longer suffers from any of those physical or mental ailments.  
Up and down the Front Range, FA members seek the hope of long-term recovery that the program can provide.  Many members have continuously maintained a normal weight and healthy eating for periods of 25 or even 30 years. Accountability to another person, an encouraged relationship with a higher power, consistent sharing of experience, strength and hope at meetings and by phone, and the study of the 12-Steps are a few successful tools for recovery. 
We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about the program to attend a meeting. They are free and open to all who are interested. 

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