Get Help Identifying Which Aspects of Your Health You Should Monitor

health issues?Maybe you’ve read or heard about our 9Health Fairs and think to yourself, “Well, I’m doing alright. I don’t know which screening I should get, so I probably don’t really need to go.” Or maybe you’ve heard about our fairs and thought to yourself, “Well, I’ll go and get screened for everything. Why not?” Well, the answer for both is no.

Just because you’re not sure what to get screened for doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be screened for anything. Also, we don’t recommend you get every screening because the point of 9Health Fair is to save you both time and money. We want you to take advantage of the affordable, and sometimes free screenings that you truly need. That’s why we recommend coming to 9Health Fair and speaking with one of our Registration Educators.

Identify the Tests that are Right for You

When you arrive at a 9Health Fair, there will be someone to check you in. If you’re not sure which screenings you should take, ask to talk to one of our Registration Educators. With just a few simple questions, they’ll be able to quickly pinpoint which screenings are right for you. They may ask questions such as:

  1. Do you have any medical concerns right now?
  2. Tell me about your own medical history.
  3. What medical issues did your mom and dad have?  If deceased, what was the cause?

What if you registered online? No problem! You can still come in and ask our Registration Educators your questions in person. Or you can read information about each screening online and if you still have questions, just call or email us!

There are also numerous factors that will determine the right screenings for you, such as age, sex and family history. Not only does a quick chat with one of our Registration Educators help determine the screenings you should take, but it will give you the chance to learn about the health issues that may play a role in your healthcare in the future. We believe there’s something to be said for knowing which health factors might have a significant impact on your life later. Find a 9Health Fair near you today and own your health.