Get Moving with these 3 Outdoor Activities

feb 8We’ve been pretty lucky this winter, it hasn’t been nearly as harsh as the last couple of winters… so far. It does look like the trend is supposed to continue into February (but we know how predictable the weather can be around here). Even if February doesn’t end up as nice as it’s shaping up to be now, you can always just throw on more layers!

Why Get Outdoors?

According to Northern Illinois University, it’s especially important to get your kids outside for the following reasons:

  • It builds up their immune system – When kids regularly come into contact with outdoor things, such as dirt and animals, they are less likely to develop allergies and autoimmune disorders.
  • It provides exercise opportunity.
  • It gets their imagination going which is something their electronic devices are less likely to do.
  • It provides them (and you) with the very important vitamin D, which can be harder to come by in winter months with their shorter days.

Here are a few things to do to get you out of the house and your blood pumping:

Take a Walk around Your Neighborhood

This is a great activity because wherever you live, you can change your route up on a regular basis. Make this a weekly activity…or even daily for a regular workout. Head in a different direction every day. Turn down streets you don’t usually walk or drive down. Take in the scenery, check out the houses and who knows, maybe you’ll even meet some new folks in your neighborhood.

Ride Your Bike on the Cherry Creek Bike Path

The bikepath runs through several neighborhoods in the Denver area. If you start by Confluence Park and make it to Cherry Creek, why not stop at one of the many coffee shops and treat yourself to a warm beverage before heading back – just don’t order something filled with sugar that undoes all your hard work. If you start in Cherry Creek and make to Confluence Park, why not find a spot in the sun and rest a while, take in the scenery and then head back.

Head Up into the Foothills and Observe the Wildlife

There are plenty of animals that don’t mind the cooler temps. Why not head to one of the many trails along the foothills on a sunny afternoon and see what you can find. For instance, not all birds migrate south, so there are still plenty to be seen. You can also usually see some rabbits and squirrels. If you’re really lucky you may even come across some deer. AllTrails is a great source to learn more about each trail before you go.

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