Get Out of the Cold and Into the Museum

The holidays are over, life returns to normal and now you are looking for things to keep you busy while the weather is too cold to be outside. While you get a pass for staying indoors during these cold winter months, it is still important to keep your mind and body active.
Since we can’t change the weather, head indoors to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science where you will find two exciting exhibits that you won’t want to miss.
Discover the underwater world of whales with Whales: Giants of the Deep. At this amazing exhibit, you will learn how their bodies work, what their lifestyle is like and how they have survived extinction. You will also encounter some of the people whose lives have been linked to whales – hear their stories and share in their experiences.
Whales are some of the largest, most mysterious mammals on Earth and this is a great opportunity to learn about their evolution, their life underwater and what dangers they encounter. The display is docked now through February 16th at the museum. Don’t let it swim away without having a chance to visit.
The other incredible exhibit is the Traveling of the Silk Road; a legendary journey that takes you on the greatest trading route in all time. You will get to explore the ancient cities of Asia and the Middle East from AD 600 to 1200. Travel this historic trade route of five cities and learn how people lived and what they did for survival. You can see how they functioned and flourished. This journey will be at the museum until May 31st.

Don’t just sit around wishing the weather was nicer; make the most of your time! Head over to the museum with your friends and family; not only will you exercise your brain, you will get a walking workout in too. Check out the exhibits and let us know what you think on Facebook!