When Helping Others Actually Helps Ourselves

skin screeningWe all have “that” family member. The one who is not concerned with their health. If you’re not “that” family member, then it’s likely you’re the one who is encouraging your family to check in on their health from time to time. That’s Lindsey Bustamante.

Lindsey’s Story

Lindsey just wanted her dad to check up on his health. She did her research on all the upcoming 9Health Fairs and what each one was offering. She signed herself up for the blood chemistry screening, and she signed her dad up for pretty much everything else.

“After we finished getting our blood drawn, my sisters and I had a few stops in mind that we wanted him to have checked out, skin was one of them,” says Lindsey. The skin screening is a popular one here in Colorado. That’s a good thing, given our high elevation and our inclination toward outdoor activities. So, the wait was going to be about 15 minutes. Lindsey’s dad didn’t wasn’t sure he wanted to wait.

A Little Patience Went a Long Way

Lindsey offered to get checked out too, to encourage her father to get his skin checked. “I wrote my name down first and knowing he was going to write his after me I thought quick and listed what I wanted to have looked at,” Lindsey recalls. “I wasn’t sure what I was going to say, then remembered a mole on the back of my leg I noticed had gotten a bit larger so I wrote that down so my dad would think I really wanted them to look at something and I wasn’t just concerned about his skin.”

“I told the dermatologist in a very ’cool’ fashion, ’oh yes I will show you my mole but I am really here just for him’. I pulled up the leg of my pants and she said, ‘So you are going to need to get that biopsied’. Then I wasn’t feeling as cool,” remembers Lindsey.

She visited a local dermatologist and just recently had the biopsy. They removed Melanoma In Situ (the earliest form of skin cancer) from her calf.

“I would have NEVER had it checked if it weren’t for the 9Health Fair and my dad, I caught it super early and am eternally grateful,” Lindsey says.