How 9Health Fair does Workplace Wellness

july 7Naturally, we at 9Health Fair think health in the workplace should be a top priority for businesses. So of course we get really excited when other organizations think so too. Which is why we want to give a very big shout out to HealthLinks Colorado.

Workplace Wellness

Health Links is a nonprofit initiative run by health and safety professionals from the Center for Health, Work and Environment which is a part of the Colorado School of Public Health. Every year, they award business that make health in the workplace a priority. Just this last year, 9Health won the Certified Health Business Partner Champion of Wellness award. Here’s just a few of the ways we make our health a priority during the work day:

    • Time to Stand Up and Stretch – Every day at 10:00 and 2:00 we have chimes that go off in the building to remind us to stand up and stretch. Taking a moment to stand up and stretch can help you feel refreshed and hopefully makes you more productive.
    • We Take the Stairs – Come by our office and you’ll see signs everywhere motivating you to take the stairs instead of the elevator. When you choose to take the stairs, you’re burning a few more calories than you would otherwise. It also helps give your heart rate a nice, little boost!
    • Recess Time – Our Wellness Committee (if you don’t have one, encourage your company to start one) comes up with fun little “recess” activities for us all the time. Drive by our building and you never know what you might see us doing. Sometimes we’re jumping rope, sometimes we’re playing four square or throwing the football around.
    • Afternoon Walks – You know that sluggish feeling you get in the afternoon. Well, take a walk! That’s what we do. Afternoon walks are a great excuse to get outdoors in the sunshine, burn a few calories and give your eyes a break from the computer screen.These are just a few of the things 9Health Fair does to reinforce healthy habits among our employees. You can’t talk the talk and not walk the walk, right?! If you’re interested in improving wellness in your workplace we encourage you to check out HealthLinks Colorado Worksite Wellness site. Here you’ll find tips on being healthy at work and get help bringing health awareness to your organization. Thanks Health Links Colorado!

You can also talk to our Director of Corporate Wellness Partnership and Sales, Steve Dodder. He can give you all the information you need on bringing biometric screenings to your workplace!