How to Fill the Medicare Gap with 9Health Fair

“When I became eligible to receive Medicare, I was not aware of the fact that some of my blood tests would not be covered,” says Barbara Jones. Does this experience sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Many people who switch to Medicare come to the same discovery. Luckily for Barbara, she knew 9Health Fair could help.

Substantial Cost Savings

“While at my wellness visit, my doctor mentioned that fact (that not all test would be covered),” Barbara notes. “I had already fasted and the 9Health Fairs had already ended so I went ahead with the tests.” She says after spending nearly $600 dollars on those test, she realized she could have had all of them done at 9Health Fair with a substantial cost savings. (See our list of screenings here.)

Barbara is a 17-year breast cancer survivor. Therefore, she knows first-hand the importance of monitoring her blood work and especially her Vitamin D levels.

These days, Barbara is both a 9Health Fair participant and a volunteer. If you’re looking to save money when it comes to healthcare, she would recommend you come to 9Health Fair. And if you’ve never been before, she has a tip for you – “People come in and many are not sure of what they really need.  It’s good to do a little research ahead of time to look at what tests they might need or want.  They can check the websites or call.”

She says she would also like you to know that the volunteers and medical professionals at the 9Health Fairs are very nice, especially the doctors and medical staff.

Other Ways 9Health Fair Complements Medicare

Not only can 9Health Fair save you a lot of money by filling in some of the financial gaps of Medicare, but 9Health Fair also offers the following benefits:

  • Saves you a doctor visit – Don’t go to the doctor if you don’t need. When you go to the doctor, you have to pay an office fee just for being there. You won’t have to do that at a 9Health Fair.
  • Save time – if you’re still working, you don’t have to take time from work to get checked out if you don’t want to. Many of our fairs occur on the weekend.
  • Take time – Our medical professionals are dedicated to spending as much time with you as you need. They want to make sure they answer all of your questions and that you leave feeling well informed regarding your health.
  • Prevention is key – Attending 9Health Fairs on a yearly basis is a great way for you and your doctor to stay up on your health. Even the slightest change in your numbers could be an early indicator that something might be up with your health. Stay on top of it!

Our Spring health fairs are just around the corner. If you feel like you could benefit from attending, sign up for our newsletter to be notified once we announce dates and locations near you.