How to Overcome Vertigo

You sit up in the morning and the whole room feels like its spinning. You try to get up and lose your balance. If you get strong feelings of dizziness, you could be experiencing vertigo.

Over eight million people in the U.S. suffer from the sudden, debilitating, dizzy spells caused by positional vertigo. It’s the most common type of vertigo and is happens when crystals in the inner ear become loose and misplaced. For those that experience it, it can make it difficult to function normally.

One of the millions of people that have suffered from positional vertigo is Carol Foster, MD, with the Hearing and Balance Clinic at University of Colorado Hospital and a professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She says she would have intense episodes that would last for hours. During one of her vertigo episodes, Dr. Foster tried a half somersault maneuver that relieved her symptoms.

Because the maneuver worked so well for her, she started sharing it with her patients and it was an effective treatment for them as well. She has also shared it with the world and posted it to YouTube. It has gotten millions of views and she has also recently published a book, Overcoming Positional Vertigo, that serves as a sort of how to guide for anyone that suffers from this type of vertigo.

As outlined in her book, Dr. Foster says there’s not much you can do to prevent positional vertigo except avoid laying too horizontal, try to keep your head elevated even when sleeping.

You can find Dr. Foster’s book on Amazon by clicking here.