How You Can Find Your Inner Champion

Before the United States won its first-ever medal in curling in the 2018 Olympics, we planned an episode of our weekly Facebook Live show “Health Happens” at the Denver Curling Center in Golden. Our goal is to inspire our viewers to find their inner champion. You don’t need to be an Olympian to be healthy and active.

My New Hero

That’s where we met Karen, who is one of the best examples of “Owning Your Health”. She is a volunteer at the Denver Curling Center, and my new hero. After 30 years of teaching PE, she decided to retire and now spends her time volunteering at the curling center where she knows everything and seems to coordinate the entire center. Tall, fit and joyful, Karen makes sure everyone who comes into the center is taken care of and she knows everyone by name. If she doesn’t, soon she will because you will need to sign in.

According to Karen, curling is the great equalizer in sports – men and women compete on the same level and anyone can participate – from 80-year-old grandparents to grade school kids.

“I could have retired and sat on my couch, but I was active every day of my life and I wanted to continue,” Karen explained. “I found curling because I got tired of all my friends beating me at all the other sports. No one knew anything about curling!”

Curling – Like a Game of Chess

Curling takes coordination and balance to deliver the rock and some good cardio to sweep. Karen told us that it’s a game of chess on ice which “kicks my brain.” Sounds healthy on so many levels!

So, we tried our hand at this sport. Let me just say that curling is harder than it looks. Why did I agree to try it for the first time on-camera? The good news is that I did not fall, I did not get injured, and we all felt better after participating.

Not only did we find curling to be a great activity that anyone can participate in at any age, we also met a great role model for living healthy. So, what are you waiting for? By the way, Karen says she attends 9Health Fair every year for the last 15 years because she wants to get the results and know what is going on with her health. Did I mention she’s my new hero?