Improve Family Health by Camping S’More!

(This guest post is authored by Bernard Taylor of Get Outdoors Colorado)

From setting up a tent and gathering firewood to hiking and exploring, camping has numerous health benefits for the entire family.  Get Outdoors Colorado teamed up with friends at The Coleman Company and the US Forest Service to bring the Denver community family-friendly and efficient camping tips! Here is what we found out from our friends:
Mother Nature is your Gym
·         Camping removes everyone from their screens and places them in the largest gym there is!  Activities such as canoeing and rock climbing will make your family “feel the burn” but have fun while doing it!  Whether you are staying the trailor just setting up your campground, you can burn at least 165 calories per hour and improve your overall health.
Grow in the Outdoors
·         Engaging your child in camping activities will increase self-esteem and add self- worth.  Try assigning your child meaningful tasks such as gathering firewood, steering the group the right way with a compass, or putting them in charge of ensuring your family leaves no trace
What’s Cookin’?
·         After a day of hiking, swimming, or playing, gather everyone for a healthy family dinner.  Provide a serving of lean protein by throwing chicken or fresh fish over the fire or portable stove. Pack vegetables, trail mix, and low-sugar granola to keep your family full of energy. Be sure to look over Smokey Bear’s camping safety guideand take the pledge as a family before your trip to prevent wildfires.
Nature is Affordable
·         You will quickly find that preparing your next camping trip can be affordable. Echo Lake Campground in central Colorado for instance is only $17 per day/night.  Save money by purchasing used camping equipment; especially if you are new to camping.  Craigslist, thrift stores, and yard sales can provide larger items such as a tent and camping stove.  After the one time purchase of gear, only campground fees, gas, food, and ice are left.  A weekend family getaway should cost less than $150. 

When deciding your next adventure visit or Remember to check the weather before you depart the house.