JUST FOR THE HEALTH OF IT! Blog – Find Time to Fit in Exercise!

Let’s talk about exercise and fitness. With our busy lives, who has time for fitness, right? It’s difficult to schedule time to work out, but it’s important to your health! Scientific research continues to show that consistent physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, and it actually helps improve the quality of life in many other areas including your lungs, weight, flexibility, immune system and much more. Yet, nearly half of all Americans report that they are not active at all, usually because they can’t find time to exercise.
Finding easy ways to work in just thirty minutes of exercise a day is feasible with the right attitude and activities you enjoy. USA TODAY has many suggestions for activities that fit into a daily routine. And what a better time of year than now to get into a routine; the weather is cool, the air is crisp and the fall colors are breathtaking. Get that jump on exercise before the holidays!