Keep Your Kids Occupied All Summer

school's out for summerSchool’s out, which probably means the kids are around the house all summer. With all that extra time, and no homework, you’re probably going to hear phrases like “I’m bored!” and “Let’s do something!” quite a bit the next couple of months. Don’t let yourself fall back on the TV and electronics to keep the kiddos entertained. Get them outdoors! They need the exercise and the Vitamin D (but don’t forget the sunblock). Here are some ideas.

Introduce Them to Your Favorite Childhood Outdoor Activity

Isn’t it amazing how much the world has changed since we were kids? We had TV and video games, sure, but we didn’t have all the different phones and laptops and electronic readers… and, well, everything there is now! Think back, though, what was your favorite thing to do outside? Did you play sports? Did you like to play in any lakes or streams? What about the playground at the park? This is a great way to bring back your inner child and share that inner child with your children!

Make a Homemade Slip-n-Slide

The next time the temperature is really soaring, just make your own slip-n-slide. All you need is some plastic sheeting, something heavy to hold the corners in place and your water hose. It will be great fun, but don’t be surprised if the other kids in the neighborhood show up!

Ride Bikes

There are so many great places to ride bikes. You can ride around your neighborhood, you can go to a nearby park or if you have mountain bikes then you can head up to the foothills and ride around there. Kids love to ride bikes, and let’s be honest, so do us adults!

Go Fish!

We’re not talking about the card game. Why not actually take the kids fishing? There are a lot of great places to fish here in Colorado. You might even be surprised how the act of fishing can actually calm your kids. You can bask in the sun and nature, and have some great family talks while waiting for your big catch!

Water Balloon Fight

Water balloons are a great and inexpensive way to have some fun outside. All that running around and tossing of the balloons is sure to help your kids burn quite a bit of energy. You’ll probably just want to stock up on the water balloons because the kids are sure to want to do this over and over again all summer long, especially on the very hot days.


Here’s another fun one most of us remember from our childhoods. Grab some colored chalk and let the kids create their own hopscotch on the sidewalk. It should last for at least a few days. Once it fades away you can create a whole new one that’s different from the first.

Create an Obstacle Course

Encourage their creativity by using only things you have around the house to create an obstacle course. Then, make a competition out of it by seeing who can get through the course the fastest. This will keep the kids entertained all day!

What are your favorite things to do with your kids during the summer months? Do you have any unique ideas? Share with us on Facebook!