Life is Good Again Thanks to 9Health Fair!

Becky knew something wasn’t right. She had always been full of energy; she loved to walk her dog, go for a jog around her neighborhood and get together with friends for dinner or other fun activities.
However, about a year and a half ago Becky started noticing a change in her energy level and her overall health. She tried making some changes on her own including cutting out certain foods, getting more sleep, spending time relaxing and meditating. Nothing seemed to be working and the symptoms were getting worse. She was having the chills, coughing quite a bit, her head felt like it was spinning all the time and she was very lethargic.
Becky finally decided to visit her doctor.She explained her symptoms, expressing that she was having difficulty with daily tasks and often felt like she wasn’t going to make it through a day. After many tests, her doctor still couldn’t figure out what was going on with her.Spring was nearing and a close friend invited her to attend a 9Health Fair to see if she might be able to find some answers there. Becky was thrilled about the idea and decided to pay for the blood chemistry screening and see if that showed anything that hadn’t been diagnosed at her doctor’s office. When her results came back, she was astonished to see that a thyroid problem was found. She took her results to her doctor and he told her that he didn’t even think about testing for thyroid issues.
Becky is now on thyroid medication and has things under control. She feels much better and is back to her active, healthy, happy self. And she is more convinced now than ever that you have to be your own personal health advocate. 9Health Fair gave her the opportunity to own her health and made her feel like there is hope again.

There’s one more opportunity to attend 9Health Fair on June 6th at the Fillmore Auditorium. Visit our website for information on this and the Family 9Health Fairs in the fall. Also learn important facts on how you can own your health and be your very own advocate. 9Health Fair is here to help you live a healthy life!