Make the ACA Work for You with 9Health Fair

The Affordable Care Act – also known as the ACA or “Obamacare” – requires certain free preventive services to be included in your health insurance plan.  However, which services those are varies greatly based on age, gender, and risk factors.  
For example, the ACA preventive services do not cover any thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) screenings.  The American Thyroid Association reports that 20 million people currently have some sort of thyroid disease – 1 out of every 16 people – but 60% of them do not know they have it.  Last year, 9Health Fair was able to screen 68,429 people for over-active or under-active thyroids.  Almost 400 people had a critical result that warranted our medical staff personally calling them.  Without insurance, thyroid testing is very costly.  When you come to a 9Health Fair, you can select a 30 point blood inspection (blood chemistry) of the thyroid, liver, kidneys, heart, bones, and more for $30; no appointment needed and no hidden costs.  With comprehensive results in hand, you and your physician can begin health corrections if needed without follow up delays and additional costs.
We’re in our 35th season of putting your health in the palm of your hand with free or low-cost health screenings and blood tests.  With the help of trained healthcare professional volunteers, you make the decisions about which screenings may be right for you without the burden of referrals or paying large amounts up front for services not covered by your insurance.  9Health Fair removes barriers to cost and access to in-depth health information all in one place. 
One of our 130+ fair sites, the Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church, is offering 28 screenings in addition to Blood Chemistry on April 28.  Breast exams, oral health, height/weight/body mass index (BMI), lung function, nutrition, and vision and hearing are just some of the free screenings available there.  This site is also offering $20 colon cancer screening kits as well as $25 prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood tests for men.  The ACA does not require private insurance providers to pay for any of the above preventive screenings and only mandates coverage for colon cancer screenings for those over 50.  9Health Fair will save you valuable time and money all in one stress free, friendly environment.    

Find the fair closest to you by clicking HERE.  See you this spring to own your health!