Make Your Resolutions a Reality

Three of the top ten resolutions people made this year are directly related to health: lose weight, stay fit and healthy, and quit smoking.  At the end of this year, how can you be one of the 46%who are able to turn a New Year’s resolution into a reality?  In addition to setting realistic goals, having an accountability buddy, and taking small steps all throughout the year, the best place to start is by knowing your numbers.

How 9Health Fair Can Help You with Your New Year’s Health Goals

I was certainly aware of 9Health Fair before coming to work here, but I could not imagine the extent of their impact on people until now.  Coming up in a few short months, 9Health Fair will be entering its 35thyear of providing free or low-cost health screenings all across Colorado.  As someone working on a health resolution myself, I plan on attending one of the fairs in April.
While researching my thyroid (TSH) test, I discovered I will receive results for 28 other tests all from the $30 Blood Chemistry screening.  Furthermore, there are over 30 other screenings available, including blood count, vitamin-D, blood pressure, and colon and prostate cancer screenings – depending on which site you go to.  Approximately two weeks after I attend the fair, I will be provided with a list of my entire test results (TSH, iron, glucose, potassium, calcium to name only a few), how to interpret them, and how to access health care professionals for questions.
Armed with your numbers, you can refine your goals for the year based on what is most important for you and your body; it is one of those small but really valuable steps!  I personally look forward to being one of the 74,000 people who will be impacted and empowered by 9Health Fair to make changes or consider other actions to improve my health this year.

Keep an eye on our website as we continually update it this spring with 9Health Fair sites and information.