May is the Month of Moving

Move your body, burn calories and celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month with friends and family!  All ages and fitness levels can participate and help raise awareness about physical fitness benefits.   The American Heart Association recommends either 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days per week (150 minutes total) or 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity 3 days per week (75 minutes total).  Consider breaking the time up into smaller chunks, or alternating moderate and vigorous exercise.  Even if you cannot get 30 minutes all at once, the cumulative affect is just as beneficial.  If you do not think you can reach a 30 minute goal per day, start small.  Everything helps!  Set a realistic reachable goal for yourself and work your way up.  Physical activity helps grow new blood vessels that will lower blood pressure, allows cells to better use insulin to lower glucose levels, and raises HDL “good” cholesterol. 
To support your fitness goals, take advantage of knowing your health numbers.  The last 9Health Fair this spring is June 1 at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver.  You will be able to get all of the basic free and low-cost screeningsas well as free breast screenings, pap smear, oral health screenings, and stress management screenings, plus a low-cost Hepatitis C blood screening ($25). Use your fair results for extra motivation to stay on track with your goals and compete with yourself from year to year.
Remember, exercise and health love company!  Encourage an exercise buddy to go to a 9Health Fair with you by giving them the Gift of Health.  The gift card is redeemable for one Blood Chemistry screening.  It’s a great way to show them you care and for them to know their baseline numbers.  As you enjoy workouts together, your buddy will help you stay motivated and accountable to your goals.  You will not even notice how much time has gone by.  Plus you have someone to celebrate with when you reach another goal that will help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancers! 
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