Meet Louie: Heart Attack Survivor & 9Health Fair Volunteer

march 14
Photo courtesy of SCL Health System

Do you recognize this face? It’s Louie Cohn. Maybe you know him personally, maybe you’ve worked one of our 9Health Fairs with him or maybe you’ve seen him in this ad for SCL Health?

Louie’s Story

Louie has been volunteering for 9Health Fair for a decade now. Like many of our volunteers, Louie is a small business owner. He runs a specialty nuts and bolts business. And like many of the small business owners in our community, Louie likes to give back. That’s why he volunteers with 9Health Fair at our Community College of Aurora site.

As you learn in the video, Louie suffered a heart attack while running a race with his son-in-law. He had no symptoms leading up to it. Louie says he’s always been fit and in shape. He’s a runner, climber and skier, just to name a few of his favorite activities. Many people think if you’re that in shape that you don’t have to worry about having a heart attack. As Louie will tell you, that’s not always the case. For him, it was genetics.

We wanted to share Louie’s story with you for a couple of reasons. One, we’re so proud of Louie. Not just for the work that he does as a 9Health Fair volunteer, but because we believe he’s a great example of someone who is truly owning their health. Louie himself says his experience, his heart attack, has changed his life so much. “I respect life so much. I count my blessings every day. I know life can be taken away in a heartbeat, so I live every day to the fullest. I enjoy my family and friends even more than I did before my heart attack. I also take care of myself even more than before my heart attack.”

For us, that’s saying something because he was already a very active person. When it comes to your health, being physically fit is only half of the picture. That’s the other reason we share his story. To truly take care of yourself, you need to take care of your outside and your inside. No matter how in shape we are, even if we know something can run in our family history, we can take for granted that our health is fine. This is why it so important to get yearly health screenings. While there’s no way to know if a blood test could have detected his heart attack, Louie still wants to encourage everyone to take advantage of the screenings offered at 9Health Fair. “Something picked up in blood work or a screening could save your life,” says Louie.

We hope this season, you’ll make time to check up on your health, even if you think you’re fine. Just make sure, your loved ones will appreciate it!