More than Meets the Eye

You probably know that 9Health Fair offers many free and low-cost health screenings and there are many sites to attend around Colorado and beyond.  However, there are many lesser known facts and reasons to go to a 9Health Fair.  For instance, did you know that you might run into a medical professional from your doctor’s office at one of the screenings?  Each medical volunteer helping at a fair has been professionally trained in their field and has chosen to donate their skills to benefit the community they live in. 
You also might not know that anyone age 18 or older can participate in a fair, even if they have insurance.  Fairs do not have an attendance cap so insured community members need not worry they are taking a space away from someone who does not have insurance.  Uninsured and insured alike are welcome to attend.
Even when you feel fine, checking on your health is still important because you could discover silent symptoms you might not be able to see or feel.  The skin is your largest organ and unfortunately you cannot easily see all of it.  Due to our elevation, Colorado has a rate of new skin cancer diagnoses 15% higher than the national average.  Melanoma can be tricky to spot in places such as your back, head, and the back of your neck and legs.  Many fair sites offer skin screening, so get checked out and know for sure.   
The most popular screening at each fair is still the Blood Chemistry panel for only $30.  This panel gives you 28 different values to manage the health of your liver, kidneys, bones, thyroid, and more.  Results from this same set of screenings will also give insight into the top silent killers in the United States.  Blood Chemistry will provide HDL (“good”) and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose values.  Combined with blood pressure obtained at the fair, these numbers will let you know how your heart, blood vessels, and pancreas are working to circulate blood and metabolize sugars.  High values of LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, or glucose, if left unchecked, may contribute to heart disease or diabetes; sometimes without any symptoms.  Take your results to your health care professional for evaluation.
Lastly, you may not realize that a 9Health Fair is the result of a lot of hard work by volunteersin your own community.  Each site’s volunteers are excited to see their friends and neighbors take part in owning their health with screenings selected specifically by them for your community.  Show them you appreciate their hard work by going and supporting your local fair.  Bond together using your “I Own It” sticker in an annual experience that will help you and each of your neighbors learn more about individual health and how to stay active members of the community. 

Each fair is quite different depending on the community it’s serving, but there is always more than meets the eye.  Register for your fairtoday to discover secrets of your health and wellness.