Movember November

movember womenThe men are growing facial hair. And by now, you are, no doubt, visibly aware that it’s “Movember”. For many men, it’s like a month-long holiday from shaving. But, there is a good reason for growing goatees and beards (maybe even a few throwback mustaches).

What is Movember Really About, Anyway?

The Movember Foundation says this effort to raise awareness for health issues for those who identify as male began in 2003. Two Australians, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, came up with the idea to bring the mustache back in style. Since then, over $700 million (U.S.) dollars has been raised and over 1,200 health projects funded.

The Movember Foundation’s cause is to stop men from dying too young. With that in mind, they are focused on three areas:

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

The Movember Foundation hopes to decrease the number of men dying early of these diseases by 25% by 2030.

Learn More About Movember and Male Health Issues

Recently, Dr. Oz was on the Today Show and he shared these 3 tips on how to check yourself for testicular cancer. You can also learn more about the above male health issues in these blog posts:

Here at 9Health Fair, we full-heartedly support this cause. We provide screenings and information regarding all these issues and more at each 9Health Fair location. You have until November 19th to visit one near you for affordable screenings.