You Never Know What You Might Find Out About Yourself at a 9Health Fair

you never knowMichael Wiebe knows firsthand the importance of monitoring his health. He and his wife, Donna, have been attending 9Health Fair since 1986. In 2009 he found out he had prostate cancer. “Which was basically diagnosed and detected because of the background at 9Health Fair.” Since then, he attends every year to monitor his PSA levels.

Watch Your Numbers, Look for Trends

“Because of the consistency of the results, of watching the numbers, seeing the results, looking at trends, it was very helpful. Having that continuity was helpful,” says Wiebe. He says, in regards to the PSA test, that there were 7-8 years where the results were just fine. Then the numbers increased. He took his results to his doctor. They monitored it for a while, and then his doctor suggested a biopsy. They continued to watch it for a few years and he had a couple of more biopsies in that time. Then, the cancer was detected after watching it for about 6 or 7 years he says.

Weibe says that his doctor told him they don’t usually see it any earlier than how early they caught it with him. The doctor credited the early detection to Wiebe’s persistent surveillance and the numbers from 9Health Fair. Wiebe says, “It was at the very early stages (when they caught it) and that contributed to making the surgery successful.”

“It would be scarier not to know,” says Wiebe. He notes that if he hadn’t been keeping an eye on it, it would have been a much more difficult process and it could’ve been at a more advanced stage when they finally did catch it.

Wiebe says that he and his wife appreciate doctors and everything they do, but that nobody cares more about their health than they do. So it’s their job to monitor it. “One of the things about 9Health Fair,” says Wiebe, “is a lot of times it’s just good news.” But as he’ll tell you, when it’s not, it much better to find out early so that whatever the issue is, you can get on the fast track to addressing it and back on the road to healthy.

Attend a 9Health Fair near you. You never know what you might learn about yourself.