A New 9Health Fair Proves Successful from the Get-Go

jan 20The Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Aurora proves that as long as you have a passion for health and love for your community, even your first 9Health Fair can be a resounding success.

A Success From the Start

The church held its first 9Health Fair back in October, and participants were predominately from the Ethiopian community. 173 adults and 123 children participated in the opportunity to learn more about their health and the tools they need to take responsibility for their health. This 9Health Fair gave these folks an opportunity to check in on so many different aspects of their health, such as:

Blood Chemistry Test

Over 100 participants took advantage of the Blood Chemistry test. This screening provides baseline information on a variety of levels including Cholesterol, thyroid and heart disease. It’s a great way to prevent health issues from becoming emergencies.

Diabetes Risk Assessment

Through the Diabetes Risk Assessment, participants were able to complete a short risk test to identify personal risk factors. Nearly 40 people found out they were eligible for the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program thanks to this screening. The Denver YMCA DPP is hoping to set up classes at the church for those people eligible for its program.

Blood Pressure

Also important to one’s health discovery journey is the blood pressure screening. You often have your blood pressure checked when you go to your annual exam, but do you really understand it? Blood pressure is the force in the arteries when the heart beats and when it’s at rest. It can fluctuate with exercise and/or illness. It should never exceed 119/79.


No health checkup is complete with measuring your height/weight/body mass index (BMI). This is important because it can identify your risk for heart disease or diabetes. BMI is considered very reliable for assessing obesity.

Oral Health

These participants didn’t have to set up a second appointment to check on their dental health either. One of the great aspects of 9Health Fair is being able to have one-stop checkups, rather than having to go to several different doctor’s offices for a complete check of your health. The oral health screening identifies tooth and gum disease and oral cancer by examining the inside of the mouth for sores and lesions. Of course, you’ll still want to go to your dentist for a teeth cleaning.

The feedback from this 9Health Fair was overwhelmingly positive. One person even wrote this heartfelt thank you:

“My name is Ashley Rauert… Yesterday I attended the 9Health Fair at the Ethiopian Evangelical church in Aurora and I have to tell you, it was unlike anything I have ever experienced! Talk about being completly emerged into the Ethiopian culture! The members of the church cooked traditional Ethiopian food for us at lunch and we interviewed so many people about their culture and how it plays a role in their health! It was such a great experience and I just wanted to say thank you!”

Thank you Ashley, and to all those who made this first health fair a huge success!