No Excuses – Get the Health Screenings You Need!

We’ve all heard the common childhood excuse of, “The dog ate my homework!” But as adults, we come up with new excuses to explain why we don’t exercise, eat healthy or get the health screenings we need.
According to a recent AARP survey, the most common excuses to avoid getting health screenings are:
  • “I’m confused about which health screenings I should get.”
  • “Screenings cost too much.”
  • “I don’t have health insurance.”
  • “Health screenings just aren’t that important.”  

Do any of these sound familiar to you?  9Health Fair can help you eliminate excuses and overcome obstacles to get the preventative screenings you need. Let’s look at each excuse one by one.
I’m confused about which health screenings I should get.
9Health Fair has medical professionals at every health fair to help you understand which screenings you need based on your medical history, family history, age, gender and other factors. You can also check out this online resource “Which screenings are right for me?” before you arrive at your fair!
Screenings cost too much.
9Health Fair offers screenings at a fraction of the price that you would pay at a lab or medical office. (And, we use the same lab – Quest Diagnostics – that most hospitals and medical offices use.) For example, the Blood chemistry Screening, which measures 28 different levels, costs just $35. See a full list of medical screenings and prices here. There is also a plethora of free screenings such as hearing, vision, blood pressure and more. Find a fair that offers the screenings you choose.
I don’t have health insurance.
Paying out of pocket for medical costs can be expensive if you don’t have health insurance. Think of how much money you can save by staying healthy, or by finding a potential health issue before it becomes a major medical emergency. Additionally, our partners at Connect for Health Colorado are available at several of the health fairs to help answer questions about how to get affordable insurance.
Health screenings just aren’t that important.
This excuse is the most difficult and dangerous. Most people don’t think about their health until something happens that calls it to their attention. We take for granted the ability to care for ourselves and our families, the ability to do breathe, eat, walk and so many other things we enjoy. We are able to do all of those activities because our health allows it.  When your health is compromised, health comes into focus. But why wait until there is a issue before you make health a priority? 9Health Fair makes it simple and affordable to get your health screenings, in a welcoming environment.
Here are some reasons to put your excuses to rest for good!
  • When you feel good, you look good.
  • Getting the health screenings you need will set an important example for your loved ones.
  • Maintaining your health can help you continue to enjoy the things you love for many years to come.