No time to exercise? You can do these exercises anywhere!

We all know exercising is good for us but sometimes it can be hard to fit it in. On our weekly Facebook Live show, Health Happens, we talked to a trainer at Colorado Athletic Club, and he showed us simple exercises you can do when you can’t make it to the gym. 

“For someone who wants to be able to do something in a short amount of time, with minimal or no equipment, my recommendation is to utilize your body,” said Enrique Jackson, a master trainer at Colorado Athletic Club in the Denver Tech Center. 

The first exercise Enrique demonstrated, using just your body, is something he calls the broken burpee, “The burpee is made up of moves, that when done individually, help improve cardiovascular endurance and build up strength. So, the move that we’ll focus on, I like to call the broken burpee. It’s made up of three moves, the push-up, the squat, and the jumping jack,” he explained.  

You can see the move demonstrated in the video above. The broken burpee combines upper body strength from the pushup, lower body strength with the squat, and a little bit of plyometrics and cardio with the jumping jack. By breaking up the burpee into three separate moves, it’s safer and anyone can get stronger Enrique told us.  

He also said to do the move as a ladder set. Do one set all the way through, the next time do two push-ups, two squats, two jumping jacks. The next set do three. Try to get up to five reps and then repeat for as many rounds as you can.

Enrique also demonstrated the proper way to do a crunch. You should press the small of your back into the ground, as deep as you can each rep instead of just bringing your chest to your knees, “If you focus on pressing the small of the back into the round, you get a much more intense ab workout,” he explained. 

He said to aim for 10-15 crunches, take a 30-second break and then do another set. Try to do it for five rounds. 

Set a timer for 15 or 30 minutes and see how many broken burpee sets and crunches you can get in. Just these few simple moves provide a good full body workout that you can do anywhere.  

Thank you to Enrique and the Colorado Athletic Club – Denver Tech Center for sharing these tips!