November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

Did you know that every 23 seconds, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with diabetes? That’s according to the American Diabetes Association.

Preventing Diabetes

If you think you may be at risk for developing diabetes, the Mayo Clinic highly recommends you get more physical activity. By exercising regularly, you can help yourself lower your blood sugar. It will also give a boost to your sensitivity to insulin, which the Mayo Clinic says will help keep your blood sugar within a normal range.

With that in mind (and given the nice weather we’ve been having this November), here are some outdoor activities that will help you burn calories and keep your blood sugar levels in check:

November isMountain Biking – For just about any workout, Map My Ride has a calorie calculator. Mountain biking is one way to burn quite a bit of calories in a short amount of time. To know how many calories you’ve burned, Map My Ride will take into account your weight, height, age, activity, distance and duration. For instance, if you weigh 115 pounds, are 5’ 1”, 33 years of age and mountain bike over 6.7 miles for a half hour, you will burn approximately 224 calories. And that’s just in a half hour!

Brisk Walk – Say the same person above were to go for a 40-minute brisk walk, that would burn around 107 calories.

Hiking – And if that person decided to go on an hour hike in the foothills, that person could potentially burn about 373 calories.

Run – If this person decided to participate in a 5k, they would burn around 274 calories.

Check out the calorie calculator using your information and you’ll find a variety of ways to quickly burn some calories. Also, if you think you may be at risk for developing diabetes or know that it runs in your family, you can learn more by checking out our Health Topic of the Month page. You can also find out if you are at risk by attending a 9Health Fair. There are two weekends remaining – November 12th and 19th.