Now’s Your Chance to Win Big with Our Online Scavenger Hunt

online scavenger huntWe did this last fall and it seemed like a lot of you had fun with it. So, we’re bringing it back!

All you have to do is find the answers to the four questions below. After each question, we’ll share a link to the page where you can find the answer. Then post your answers on our Facebook page. One winner will randomly be selected. The winner will receive two vouchers for a free Blood Chemistry screening – one for you, one for your friend.

Scavenger Hunt Questions

  1. What is our mission? (Find the answer here.)
  2. What are two ways to keep your mind sharp? (Find the answer here.)
  3. Your results should be easy to understand, but if you do have trouble interpreting them where can you go or who can you call for help (besides your doctor of course!)? (Find the answer here.)
  4. Where is your closest health fair? (Find the answer here.)

You have until February 25th to post your answers on our Facebook page. Good luck!