Own Your Health at a Fall 9Health Fair

Lisa is an RN, so she understands taking charge of your health is very important. She also is a long-time 9Health Fair volunteer, so she understands the advantage of the low-cost screenings that are provided to thousands of people every year. Lisa was an active participant in her own health because she had a cyst on her thyroid that had been there for years. It had never caused any trouble and she had forgotten about it. Especially since the thyroid testing she had at her doctor earlier in the year had not shown any abnormalities.
Lisa knew the palpitations and extreme warmth she had been experiencing indicated a problem. As most of us do though, she started rationalizing the problems away. As a 9Health Fair volunteer, she knew how comprehensive the blood chemistry screening at 9Health Fair was and decided to have the blood work drawn that year.
The 9Health Fair blood screening includes one additional thyroid test that her doctor’s lab work had not covered. Lisa found out that the cyst she had carried around for years was now active and had been wreaking havoc on her thyroid. She could no longer rationalize her symptoms away. She took the 9Health Fair results to her doctor and ultimately opted for radioactive therapy. She is now on thyroid medication to stabilize her thyroid and the metabolism it controls.
Lisa volunteered at the Fair again this year, just as she has been doing for the last 15 years. She knows personally how important owning her health is and what a big part the 9Health Fair plays in it.

As a valued volunteer, she will continue to bring that opportunity to thousands of others.