How the Changing of the Seasons May Mean Changes for You

While some of us may be happy to say, “Goodbye summer, hello fall!” that’s not the case for everyone. If you’re one who prefers the cooler days and changing of the leaves, this is your season. For some, though, it marks the beginning of a less happy time of year. Many people associate Seasonal Affective […]

Participate in Our Online Scavenger Hunt and Win Big!

We recently launched our new website and it’s full of interesting and useful information for everyone! And we want you to check it out! So here at 9Health Fair, we thought what better way than to show how awesome our new website is than with an online scavenger hunt! Here’s how it works. We’ll give […]

Gaining Insight on Your Family Tree

When we’re young, we really never think much about our ancestors beyond maybe our grandparents. But as we get older, many of us have a desire to learn more about our family roots. “I think that as we get older, we actually start to get interested in our families, who we are, where we came […]

You Never Know What You Might Find Out About Yourself at a 9Health Fair

Michael Wiebe knows firsthand the importance of monitoring his health. He and his wife, Donna, have been attending 9Health Fair since 1986. In 2009 he found out he had prostate cancer. “Which was basically diagnosed and detected because of the background at 9Health Fair.” Since then, he attends every year to monitor his PSA levels. […]

Should You Check Your Testosterone Levels?

Did you know that both men and woman have testosterone? It’s true. Most people think of men when they think of testosterone, but both genders have the hormone. And when those levels get low, each gender may experience a variety of side effects. So, who may need this new screening which is offered at all […]

A Great Mix of Summer Fun!

Whether you’re into music, a foodie or an art critic, there are great events for everyone this next month. Many of them are even free to get in! A Celebration of Japanese American Culture You don’t have to be Japanese American to appreciate and enjoy the Cherry Blossom Denver Festival. Running the weekend of June […]

#BusyBeingHealthy with Belen DeLeon

Hopefully by now you’re following our 9Health Fair #BusyBeingHealthy social media campaign. In the last few weeks, we featured 9News Morning Anchor Corey Rose, Meteorologist Marty Coniglio and Anchor/Reporter TaRhonda Thomas and their strategies for staying #BusyBeingHealthy. This week we chatted with 9News Meteorologist Belen DeLeon to learn how she’s #BusyBeingHealthy. 9Health Fair: You always […]

When Heart Disease Runs in the Family

Imagine this scenario: One minute, you’re healthy. You’re having a blast, running a race with your family and all is good. The next, you are unconscious. For 24 minutes, paramedics are pumping your chest and performing CPR. Your family is distraught and terrified. You shouldn’t make it… yet, you do. You should have brain damage… […]

#BusyBeingHealthy with TaRhonda Thomas

Hopefully by now you’re following our 9Health Fair #BusyBeingHealthy social media campaign. So far, we have featured 9News Morning Show Anchor Corey Rose and 9News Meteorologist Marty Coniglio and their strategies for staying #BusyBeingHealthy. This week, we chatted with 9News Anchor/Reporter TaRhonda Thomas to learn how she’s #BusyBeingHealthy. 9Health Fair: You always participate in 9Health Fair. Why […]

#BusyBeingHealthy with Marty Coniglio

Hopefully by now you’re following our 9Health Fair#BusyBeingHealthy social media campaign. Last week, we featured 9News Morning Anchor Corey Rose and her strategies for staying #BusyBeingHealthy. This week, we chatted with 9News Meteorologist Marty Coniglio to learn how he’s#BusyBeingHealthy. 9Health Fair: We know you like to pack nutritious food each night. What kind of food do you […]