Win Big with 9Health Fair Scavenger Hunt!

All it takes is 4 simple photos posted on our 9Health Fair Facebook page and you could win our 9Health Fair Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest. All of the items you’ll need to get photos of can be easily found in any neighborhood. The winner will receive two vouchers for a free blood chemistry workup – […]

School Lunch Ideas that will have Your Kids Begging for More

Packing lunches for your kids doesn’t have to be as boring as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (although PB&J is a good healthy option!). Here are some ideas for your kid’s lunches that will not only have them excited about packing a lunch but might be worthy for your work lunch too! School Lunch Ideas […]

4 Labor Day Weekend Events that Won’t Break the Bank

As the summer season starts to wind down, you’ll want to make sure you partake in some of these great holiday weekend events before the cool weather sets in and you’re knee deep in school books. Here are few Labor Day Weekend events around the Denver area that you just can’t miss. Labor Day Weekend […]

#BusyBeingHealthy with Corey Rose

We hear it all the time: “I’d workout, but I just don’t have the time.” “I’m too busy getting my kids off to school to prep my own meals.” “Between work and family obligations something has to give, and that’s just going to have to be sleep.” “I’m so stressed out right now, but there’s […]

9Health Fair is #BusyBeingHealthy

Have you ever wondered how 9News anchors and reporters like Corey Rose, TaRhonda Thomas, Marty Coniglio and the rest of the team stay so healthy? You know their schedules must be crazy since they’re on the air before many of us even get out of bed. How do they do it? Well, you’re about to […]

How 9Health Fair does Workplace Wellness

Naturally, we at 9Health Fair think health in the workplace should be a top priority for businesses. So of course we get really excited when other organizations think so too. Which is why we want to give a very big shout out to HealthLinks Colorado. Workplace Wellness Health Links is a nonprofit initiative run by […]

What to do if You Need Medical Care While Traveling

We are in the midst of summer. For many of us, that means we’re traveling! The last thing you want to worry about while sightseeing is having to find medical help. But it can happen. So what should you do? Obviously, if it’s an emergency, don’t worry about insurance, just get yourself to a hospital. […]

What’s Fresh and Where Can You Find It?

There is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a fresh, juicy (insert fruit of your choice here). Maybe the only thing just as good is visiting the farmer’s market where it came from. So what’s in season and what produce is locally grown? Where can you find a farmer’s market when you need one? […]

What Dehydration does to Your Body

Hopefully, you’re spending these hot summer months soaking up some Vitamin-D (with your sunscreen on of course!) and enjoying a good amount of healthy outdoor activities such as hiking or mountain biking. However, as you find yourself out in nature instead of cooped up indoors, we can’t stress enough how important it is for you […]

Keep Your Kids Occupied All Summer

School’s out, which probably means the kids are around the house all summer. With all that extra time, and no homework, you’re probably going to hear phrases like “I’m bored!” and “Let’s do something!” quite a bit the next couple of months. Don’t let yourself fall back on the TV and electronics to keep the […]