COVID-19 antibody testing

Antibody testing is something you may have been hearing a lot about lately. What is it and why is it important? We talked 9Health Expert, Dr. Payal Kohli, along with experts from the University of Colorado School of Medicine on Facebook Live. Dr. Ashley Frazer-Abel, assistant research professor and director of Exsera BioLabs at CU […]

Women’s health during COVID-19

Are you pregnant and worried about the coronavirus? What about other women, should you postpone your annual exam? What things should we all be doing to stay healthy? We talked with two OB/GYNs on Facebook Live. Dr. Danica Larson and Dr. Vy Rossi answered our questions. For moms that are expecting, it can be stressful to […]

Substance use during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many of us are at home right now and not driving as much. Combine that with boredom, and maybe feeling anxious and overwhelmed, and it has many turning to substances like alcohol and drugs to cope. We talked with providers from Sheridan Health Services, a University of Colorado College of Nursing run clinic, on Facebook […]

“I’ve never been this sick” – Our conversation with a COVID-19 survivor

At first, he thought his asthma was just acting up but then his symptoms got a lot worse. Ernesto Castro, a 35-year-old father of two, was battling COVID-19. We talked with Castro on Facebook Live. The first sign of COVID-19 symptoms A caseworker at a health care facility in Greeley, Castro spends his days consulting, […]

Connecting Coloradans through new 9Health Neighbors program

Post written by: Byron Reed, 9NEWS For more than 40 years, 9Health has provided preventative care and health awareness across Colorado.  They’ve provided health screenings and answered questions to provide people with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own health.  This spring, 9Health had to postpone all the health fairs to help […]

Recipe: White bean chicken chili

One challenge right now is making easy, healthy meals at home. During the stay at home orders, due to the coronavirus, many of us are maybe cooking more than we’re used to. We talked with Dr. Jennifer Bolton, a registered dietitian at Project Wellness 365, and a professor at Metropolitan State University in Denver. She shared […]

Ways to help and receive help during the COVID-19 pandemic

These are unprecedented times and as you’re figuring out your new normal, you might be wondering if there’s something else you can do. Some ways you can help. We hosted a series of Facebook Live segments, including a 9Heatlth Virtual Town Hall with different organizations to educate you on the help that is needed right […]

Tips for everyday life during the coronavirus

With a constant flow of “new” information being released almost hourly, it is common to feel scared and overwhelmed about everyday tasks. It can be difficult to know what is and is not safe, but it can be even more challenging to address how to get through day to day tasks that have been disrupted […]

9Health Live: Connecting you with experts

9Health is hard at work virtually connecting you with experts, via Facebook, so you can get the answers you need.  This includes segments in Spanish, as well. Currently, 9Health hosts a Facebook Live or posts a Facebook Premiere video every Thursday around 11 am on the 9NEWS and 9Health Fair Facebook Pages.  You can view […]

Coronavirus through the eyes of a doctor

9Health Expert Dr. Payal Kohli shares her personal thoughts and reactions to the new coronavirus, COVID-19 spread. She will continue to add to this blog as the situation develops and changes. 4/3/2020: I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat and sneezing and immediately, my heart sank.  “This is it” I thought.  “I have COVID-19. Am I […]