5 Can’t-Miss Events this March

This month, we encourage you to step out of your usual routine. Try something new. If you usually only get out of the house to go out to dinner or see a movie, why not try one of these events instead. It just might provide you with the opportunity to explore a new neighborhood and […]

The Dangers of Supplements

Many of us are taking some form of supplements, but do you really need those supplements? Too Much Can be a Bad Thing Here’s an example – you may think because you don’t drink milk, that you’re not getting enough calcium. So, you take a calcium supplement. However, did you know that dark, leafy greens, […]

Children’s Screenings at 9Health Fair

Attend a 9Health Fair this fall and you and your children can take advantage of affordable screenings to make sure the entire family is healthy. Why Attend a 9Health Fair? Get Checked Out Together Beth Brady, Medical and Wellness Advisor for 9Health Fair, says there’s nothing, in particular, you need to do to prepare your kids […]

Battle of the Organs

It’s not very often that someone contacts a non-profit and says, “I want to raise money for you. I have a fundraiser idea, and I want to give all the proceeds to your organization.” So imagine our surprise when Gladys Brown Turnbough called our Director of Development, Brad Brunz, to say exactly that. Fundraising from […]

Celebrate Black History Month

Here, there are lots of local events that celebrate our diverse communities. During February, our nation celebrates the achievements by black Americans and recognizes their key roles in our country’s history. Here are a few Black History Month events that may pique your interest. Health Fair – The Center for African American Health The Center […]

Get Moving with these 3 Outdoor Activities

We’ve been pretty lucky this winter, it hasn’t been nearly as harsh as the last couple of winters… so far. It does look like the trend is supposed to continue into February (but we know how predictable the weather can be around here). Even if February doesn’t end up as nice as it’s shaping up […]

What You Need to Know about the New FDA Guidelines for Food

Just a few months ago, a new report came out saying red meat can cause cancer. Now, in the Food and Drug Administration’s(FDA) newest guidelines, updated every five years, has said red meat is actually okay. It can be hard to keep up with constantly evolving science regarding our foods. Here’s what you need to know […]

A Family Checkup that will Save You Time and Money

How would you like to have your entire family get a health checkup all together? With 9Health Fair, you can do just that. Making Healthcare a Family Affair Our 2016 spring 9Health Fair season is just around the corner. Find a fair near you, register and put it on the family calendar. “New this year […]

A New 9Health Fair Proves Successful from the Get-Go

The Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Aurora proves that as long as you have a passion for health and love for your community, even your first 9Health Fair can be a resounding success. A Success From the Start The church held its first 9Health Fair back in October, and participants were predominately from the Ethiopian community. […]

Introducing 9Health Ready

We are excited to announce a new program specifically designed to help all of you “Own Your Health.” This new program comes with a new website, 9Health Ready, where you’ll have access to expert medical professionals who can answer your questions and help you on your journey to better health. You’ll also have all the […]