Painting His Way Back to Health

John has loved to draw and paint since he was a child, and now feels lucky to be able to make a living as an artist. Outdoor nature pictures are his favorite to paint; he gets his ideas from his most loved activity, hiking. If he isn’t busy doing artwork, he is in the mountains taking in the beauty while thinking about his next masterpiece.
However, within the last couple of years, John started to notice that sometimes he would be shaky and have a difficult time drawing a straight line or creating the shape he was trying to make.
He visited a number of doctors who had trouble diagnosing his ailment since it wasn’t something that happened all the time. But as his trembling became worse and his work began to suffer, he knew he needed to get some solid answers to find out if there was a cure.
At first, the neurologist thought it might be Parkinson’s disease, but after a number of CAT scans and MRI’s, they finally found a diagnosis – familial tremor. It is a neurologic disorder that tends to run in families. It causes a rhythmic trembling of the hands, head, voice, legs or trunk. People with familial tremors often have trouble holding or using small objects, such as silverware or a pen. This explained why John was having trouble drawing and painting.
Luckily, John was able to start on a medication that reduced his tremors enough so that he could continue working as an artist on a part-time basis. However, reducing his hours meant he went to a limited health insurance plan. Because of this, he began to look for additional options to help him keep an eye on his overall health.
He found out about 9Health Fair and is grateful to be able to monitor his overall health at such a low-cost. He attends twice a year, stays active and makes sure his results continuously show numbers within a healthy range. He then takes his results to his doctor to discuss any next steps.
Now he tells all his friends to go get their blood checked at a 9Health Fair. He says it’s a great way to keep the cost down while finding out how healthy you are. “Go every year to a 9Health Fair and keep track of your blood work”, John says to his loved ones.

Now is a perfect time to visit a 9Health Fair to receive the low-cost Blood Chemistry Screening. Our fairs run from now until June 7th. Find a fair near you; the results will provide you with a wealth of information you need to live a healthy life!