Participate in Our Online Scavenger Hunt and Win Big!

homepageWe recently launched our new website and it’s full of interesting and useful information for everyone! And we want you to check it out! So here at 9Health Fair, we thought what better way than to show how awesome our new website is than with an online scavenger hunt! Here’s how it works. We’ll give you a question to answer and a link to the page where you’ll find the answer, then all you have to do is post your answers on our Facebook page. One lucky winner will receive two vouchers for a free Blood Chemistry screening – one for you and one for a friend. The winner will also receive a free $25 King Soopers Gift Card. Ready? Here we go:

  1. What is one thing you can do to make more time for yourself? (Find the answer here)
  2. Who can participate in our 9Health Fairs? (Find the answer here)
  3. What is one role that someone can volunteer for at a 9Health Fair? (Find the answer here)
  4. Where is the nearest health fair to you? (Find the answer here)

Remember to post your answers on our Facebook page. You have until October 5th to participate for your chance to win. To up your odds of winning, we suggest finding a buddy to participate as well. If one of you wins, maybe you agree to share the vouchers with each other? Good luck to all of you!

Also, a big congratulations to Tamara Pe! Tamara is the winner of our photo scavenger hunt. She will receive two vouchers for free Blood Chemistry screenings and a $25 King Soopers gift card.