Persistence Pays Off

Sometimes, the best thing a doctor can provide is support for trusting our own instincts.  Samantha traveled to Windsor to attend a 9Health Fair that was doing free breast screenings.  With breast cancer 7 years in her past, she has remained vigilant and dedicated to receiving regular preventive care.  Samantha was greeted by a doctor in Windsor who was volunteering her time to perform the screenings.  The doctor felt a lump while screening Samantha and recommended she follow up with her regular doctor. 
Soon after the fair, Samantha was scheduled for an ultrasound and mammogram, but both came back normal.  She knew in her gut something wasn’t right and decided to follow up with the 9Health Fair doctor who first found the lump.  The doctor was skeptical of the “normal” result also and referred Samantha to a surgeon colleague for a second opinion.  Sure enough, Samantha’s breast cancer had returned.  She underwent a mastectomy this past July and is now cancer-free!

Samantha credits 9Health Fair and the skilled physician who examined her for her successful treatment.  Had she not made the trip to get checked out at the fair or received support from the doctor to be persistent, the lump would have had an entire year to continue growing.  Samantha feels there is no reason to not get preventative care; especially when it is free.  9Health Fair offers 35 free or low-cost screenings for adults 18 and older.  Check out which screenings are available at a fair near you this spring HERE.