Play for Your Lungs

It’s National Healthy Lung Month. So what better way to show your lungs some love than to get outdoors and use them! According to Health Status, it really comes down to lung capacity: “The greater the lung capacity, the easier it is to provide your body and its organs with the vital oxygen it needs to live a happier, healthier life.”

Fun Fall Ways to Build Your Lung Capacity

fun things to do in DenverJump…

in a Pile of Leaves

If it makes you feel better, you can pretend you’re doing it for the kids, but we recommend you embrace your inner child and go ahead and take a running leap into your pile of leaves. You know you want to!

Or puddles!

Grab your raincoat and rain boots and again, embrace that inner child. Jump in as many puddles as you can find all the way around your block.

Mountain Biking

The mountain biking in Colorado is a great opportunity for you to do some serious work on your lung capacity. Grab your bike and head to a trail. It’s not just your lungs that will thank you, but your entire body!

Play Sports

Which is more your speed, football or kickball? It doesn’t matter to us, so long as you get out there and play!

Go for a Walk

Stretch those legs and those lungs with a nice walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park.

Go Canoeing

We know Stand Up Paddle Boards seem to be all the rage these days, but with the cooler temperatures, a nice a canoe ride might be better this time of year. There are plenty of lakes in the foothills that provide for good canoeing.

Either way, enjoy the opportunity to get out and active before the weather starts to get really cold!