Report on 9Health Fair Numbers

9Health-logoYou probably know that tens of thousands of people attend a 9Health Fair each year. But did you know, that beyond that number, there are other numbers that can teach us about the health status of our community? With this information, you can better understand the health issues you need to watch out for – not just for yourself, but for your family.

A Look at the Numbers

We recently got these important numbers back from our 2015 Spring and Fall 9Health Fairs. Here is what we learned:


Our 9Health Fairs were held at 147 different sites in 2015. Of those, 57 percent were in the Denver Metro area and the rest were around the state (and one in Nebraska!) With so many sites hosting 9Health Fairs, there was ample opportunity for most Coloradoans to check up on their health.

Individuals Served

Over 61,000 people attended a 9Health Fair in 2015 – that includes 650 children. Approximately 15,000 people volunteered their time at a 9Health Fair in their area. That’s outstanding! Here are some more great numbers:

  • Over 58,000 people had a blood chemistry screening, which gives you baseline levels for 28 different areas such as cholesterol and thyroid
  • Over 25,000 people had a blood cell count screening
  • Nearly 14,000 men had their PSA screening
  • There were well over 15,000 A1c screenings which is a test for diabetes
  • We had 14,000 Vitamin D screenings
  • 980 women were able to receive a free Pap smear
  • Over 5,000 people took home a Colon Cancer Screening Kit


One of the best aspects about the 2015 9Health Fairs was that it gave us the opportunity to help provide medical care for those in underserved communities. Through this work, roughly 2,500 people used their free blood work vouchers to learn more about their personal health.