Save money and your life with the 9Health Fair

9Health is about prevention and advancing health awareness by providing the tools we all need to take responsibility for our own health. The 9Health Fairs deliver on the mission of providing preventive health care screenings and this weekend is really your last chance to get to a fair. You can find a list of the remaining fairs by clicking here.

There are many things we can do to manage our health before large, and more expensive, issues develop. By visiting a 9Health Fair you can get the important preventive screenings you need, “Prevention is key to staying healthy and taking care of a problem before it starts or detecting it early can really save you money and save your life,” says Dr. Tista Ghosh, the Vice President of Health Strategy for 9Health.

Dr. Ghosh adds that in addition to regular exams to check things like our blood pressure, we should also be getting a blood chemistry screening, which is only $35 at a 9Health Fair. Your blood chemistry is used to check cholesterol levels, blood glucose, triglycerides, electrolytes, and get information on liver, kidney, and thyroid function, “Those are all great indicators of how you’re doing health wise.”

Many people avoid being proactive with their health and going to the doctor regularly, “There was a study done in the US last year that found only 8% of adults over age 35 were getting the recommended preventive screenings and services,” says Dr. Ghosh.

The reason? The study says that many people say it’s because they don’t have insurance or a doctor they regularly see, they also say they don’t like waiting to get an appointment or waiting at the doctor’s office. If you are uninsured or don’t have a regular provider 9Health can help. We can connect you to regular providers and clinics for that serve the uninsured and underinsured.

Again, the 9Health Fair is a great place to get the preventive care you need for free or almost free. There are over 20 fairs going on April 26-28 and it is really your last chance to get out and own your health. For a list of the remaining fairs, click here.