Stay in Good Health with 9Health Fair

With friends starting to see ailments more commonly, Brian and his wife, Penny, realized they could no longer take their health for granted.  Retirement was getting closer, and they knew they would need to stay in good health to start tackling their growing bucket list. They vowed to make their 9Health Fair visit an annual tradition – it was an easy step in the right direction! 
It had only been 2 days since their visit to the 9Health Fair at Temple Sinai, when Brian got the call from a volunteer nurse.  She was quick to tell him that his Blood Chemistry Screening results were showing reduced kidney function.
A few years ago, his primary care physician had informed him of his above-normal creatinine levels, but Brian was in the dark about the effects that could have on the rest of his body.  The 9Health Fair nurse urged him to schedule an appointment with his primary care physician for further evaluation, and Brian took her advice.
Following his visit with his primary care physician, Brian learned that a medication he had been on for years was affecting his kidney function.  His creatinine levels had been rising for a long time, but it took a visit to 9Health Fair to bring attention to the matter.  Brian immediately stopped taking that medication and began seeing a nephrologist to make sure he was managing his kidney issues fully.
“Had I not received the call from 9Health Fair nurses, the problem would have worsened,” Brian says.  “Thanks to 9Health Fair, I was able to avert a more serious kidney problem than what already existed – a problem that was completely unknown to me!”

Might you have an underlying issue that is going undetected?  Visit a 9Health Fair this fall to receive the simple, low-cost Blood Chemistry Screening.  The results could provide the information you need to live a healthier life!