Supporting Community Outreach Through Your Health

“My husband and I were finally able to take our vacation that we have dreamed about for 30 years; we felt that while I was feeling good we should head over to Europe,” says Denise.

It all started with some bruising. There was no real reason for it, yet the bruises were happening anyway. It was often enough for Denise Chambers to begin to wonder if she should have it looked at.

The Discovery of a Rare Cancer

As it turns out, the bruising was indicating a serious problem.

Denise, who had been attending 9Health Fair for years, discovered through the Blood Cell Count Screening that her platelet count was much higher than it should be. Turns out, she has Primary Myelofibrosis, a rare form of chronic leukemia. The disease works by replacing normal bone marrow tissue with a fibrous scar-like material.

“I had the test done on a Saturday in April and that immediate Monday I was called by a nurse highly recommending that I should see a hematologist,” says Denise.

At the time, she didn’t have a doctor. She called Rocky Mountain Cancer Center and by the next week she had her confirmation that there was a problem.

There is no cure. Despite that, Denise says she’s doing well compared to most patients with this disease. The MPN Research Foundation says the median survival rate is six years.  They also state that there is no single prognosis for people who have the disease – it’s different for everyone.

Feeling Off Lately?

If you feel like something is off with your body, Denise recommends you go to a 9Health Fair to get checked out. “I used to get more tests done there than I do now,” she says, “mostly because I am checked by my hematologist every three months yet I still get checked for osteoporosis at the health fair and I also like walking around looking at the various booths.”

“The 9Health Fair is thorough, professional, full of good information, and the nurses and volunteers at the booths take the time to answer questions.  Even though I have insurance now and established doctors I still go to the fair every year,” says Denise.

When you attend a 9Health Fair, you can speak to a medical professional who can help you identify the screenings you may want to consider based on your specific situation and needs.