Take on a Wellness Challenge BEFORE the New Year!

Take on a Wellness Challenge BEFORE the New Year!
It’s not uncommon for visions of sugar plums to dance in your head this time of year.  If you are like most people, holiday festivities are based around food, which can affect your health in many ways.
According to the Calorie Control Council, the average weight gain for Americans during the winter holiday season is one to three pounds. Considering that most people don’t shed those pounds after the holidays are over, it’s easy to see how this leads to accumulation in weight over the years.
So what do you do to own your health and still enjoy the holidays?
Set a Goal Now!
Take charge and own your health NOW to put the desire to indulge in holiday goodies in perspective. Set a goal to watch what you eat, get enough rest and plan for plenty of exercise. Putting together a list or calendar is a great way to get organized and start a program – and doing so before the New Year hits will make you feel like you are ahead of the game.
Join 9Health Fair Employees Health Challenge
We have been given a holiday challenge to help get us all on the right track. The President of 9Health Fair has given us an opportunity to earn the day after Christmas off as a bonus day. The catch? He has given us a “Wellness Calendar” and each day we need to do something that contributes to our health from the “5 Domains of Wellness”:
·         Cognitive Wellness: Reading a book, reading an article about health, playing an educational game or learning an instrument.
·         Emotional Wellness: Take some time to reflect, create positive affirmations, have a good laugh or do something calming like yoga.
·         Nutritional Wellness: Eating extra fruits and veggies, and drinking lots of water.
·         Physical Wellness: Going for a neighborhood walk during lunch,
·         Social Wellness: Enjoying the interaction with other people such as volunteering, supporting a friend, or even a holiday party
Perhaps this might spark some ideas for you, or better yet, join in and take the challenge with us. Although, we are sorry to say, we can’t offer the day after Christmas off for you at your company, but join along and see how healthy you can stay during this holiday season!
Continue your healthy ways into the New Year in preparation for the spring 9Health Fair season!  That will be a terrific time to see how your health improvements have paid off, and compare your numbers to last year’s results.  Check out our websiteon February 1st to find out our spring 2015 fair dates and locations.

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