The Angels Watched Over Him

John is one of those people… friendly, outgoing and interested in keeping his health on the up and up. He had always taken pride in feeling pretty good and staying active. However, now at the age of 62, he started experiencing some numbness in his feet.
A new resident of Longmont, he had never heard of 9Health Fair. One day, he happened to be driving through town and noticed a sign that a 9Health Fair was going on at the Hopelight Clinic. He decided to stop and see if they could help him understand why he was experiencing a lack of sensation in his feet.
John met one of 9Health Fair’s nurses outside and he explained his issue with his feet. The blood draw was about to close for the day, so she rushed him inside so he could get his blood work done – just in the nick of time!
Within a day, John received an alert phone call from a 9Health Fair nurse letting him know he had an elevated HgA1c and an elevated glucose level. Worried, he called his doctor to schedule a visit. During that visit, they took a look at his results and diagnosed him with Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension.
A few months later, John was stopped at a red light, heading to the Hopelight Clinic for a follow-up visit. As he waited for the light to turn green, he noticed that the 9Health Fair nurse who had made sure he got into the fair to have his blood drawn, was stopped next to him at the stoplight. Ironically, they were both headed to the same clinic, and he was able to tell her what his diagnosis was.  
He is now on medication to control both issues. John takes his health very seriously and monitors his blood sugar and diet, along with his blood pressure every day. He will continue attending the 9Health Fair, as he said the nurses and volunteers are his angels!
Make sure you get 9Health Fair on your calendar in 2015. Come February 1st, check our website for a complete list of 2015 spring fair locations and dates. With the New Year just around the corner, it is a great time to make a resolution to own your health!