The Modern Day Treasure Hunt

Are you looking for a more creative, engaging way to get the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity into your week?  Grab your family, smartphone or GPS device, and start up a modern day treasure hunt.  A recent study from Texas A&M suggested those that participate in geocaching (an outdoor seek and find game) not only reported an average of 130 minutes of activity per week, but an increase in physical and mental health as well.  It’s all about the chase.  Keeping your mind creatively active and having fun while gathering the health benefits of the great outdoors keeps you interested and moving more. 
Geocaching, once thought of for only the most dedicated outdoor enthusiasts who invested in a GPS device, is now mostly limited by interest.  Now with more than 2.4 million active geocaches hidden, chances are there are a few right where you live.  After dinner, spice up your family walk by looking for a treasure!
How to start your geocache adventure:

  1. Download the free smartphone app:  iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone 7
  2. Create a free account at for more interaction with fellow hunters
  3. Read all about game play, hints and tricks, and what to bring  HERE
  4. Search for geocaches in your area
  5. Have fun!