The Right Place at the Right Time

the right place

“I feel full of energy, happy and I’m never sick. Cancer is for old people,” Chuck remembers thinking as he spent his days working with Campus Crusade for Christ. Today, as he holds his grandson Ethan on his shoulders after enjoying lunch on a beautiful afternoon, he is stopped in his tracks when he remembers finding out he had stage IV colon cancer 15 years ago at the age of 44.

How 9Health Fair Saved Chuck’s Life

An upbeat guy with a wife and three school-aged children at the time, Chuck had no concerns about his health. And, like many men, he had not been to a doctor in several years. At the Campus Crusade for Christ Conference in the summer of 2000, he wanted to chat and hang out with all the other ministers and participants at the 9Health Fair hosted as part of the conference.

He completed the 9Health Blood Chemistry Screening and said he was surprised by how simple, quick and painless the whole process was. His lab work was sent to Quest Diagnostics, like all 9Health Fair samples, and when Chuck received his results, he could see clearly that three items on the liver panel were out of range. As directed in the results, he made an appointment with his primary care physician who was able to do further testing.

“I remember bounding into the house and seeing my wife looking like something really bad had happened,” Chuck recalls. “But I never suspected she would tell me I had colon cancer and it was at stage IV.” Chuck had been officially diagnosed and was entered into treatment right away.

Treatment included a total colectomy and six months of intense chemotherapy during which he remembers many sobering moments when he felt he might not live to tell this story. But as of May of 2002, his cancer was gone – and it has not come back!

Participating in a blood screening at 9Health Fair turned out to be one of the most important decisions Chuck has ever made – but it wasn’t a decision that took a lot of thought. In fact, you could say it was more of a matter of convenience and availability. But the payoff for attending is a life full of happy events including spending time with Ethan and the rest of his family.

“I would have never taken the test if not for just being in the right place, but 9Health Fair saved my life,” Chuck says. “I would not like to think about what could have happened to my family had I not found the colon cancer when I did.”

“Get screened. That’s what I would tell people, especially men. Going to 9Health Fair was easier than going to the doctor, but either way, you should get screened.”

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