The Volunteer Becomes the Participant

Julie is one of those people who loves to help others. She always reaches out; making sure everyone is comfortable and well taken care of. With a career in the medical field, she feels as if she is making a difference.
In her quest to help people gain access to health care, Julie has volunteered for 9Health Fair since 2010 as a phlebotomist. She typically volunteers during either the spring or the fall fair season, but the last two years, she has chosen to volunteer at both season’s fairs, helping out at somewhere between six to ten locations.
“The feeling of knowing that you are helping people improve themselves and make them feel better is very enlightening,” says Julie.
Visiting with the participants is one of her favorite aspects of being a 9Health Fair volunteer, and she looks forward to seeing the same faces each year. “You want to hear how they’ve been and what has changed over the last year. Did their cholesterol numbers improve; did their blood pressure go down? Knowing I have helped change someone’s life by just a poke of a needle is quite rewarding and that is why I return to volunteer each year.”
Julie is very healthy and has always taken pride in having a lot of energy. This past year, she was feeling quite lethargic and fatigued. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so she thought maybe it was just stress. Knowing that fatigue can be a side effect of low Vitamin D, she decided to get her Vitamin D level checked at one of the fairs she was volunteering at.  
A couple of weeks later, she received her results in the mail and it turned out that she did indeed have a Vitamin D deficiency. Her number was extremely low, which explained why she was feeling so fatigued. When she discussed her result with her doctor, they found out that the reason for the deficiency was because of a medication she was taking at the time.
The doctor immediately switched her medication and put her on a Vitamin D intake diet. By the next 9Health Fair season, she had her Vitamin D level checked again, and this time the results revealed a huge improvement in her levels.
9Health Fair first impacted Julie’s life through the opportunity to volunteer and give back, but now she has a gained a new perspective through her experience as a participant. “This is what 9Health Fair is all about!” says Julie.
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