Thinking of Skipping a Year? Think Again!

Susan agreed to go to her local 9Health Fair and get the popular Blood Chemistry screening, mostly to please her husband.  The couple had been regularly attending fairs for many years, but this year, Susan felt it was unnecessary.  Though she experienced some liver enzyme trouble in the past, she was feeling great with no symptoms or pain of any kind to prompt testing.  Surely she could skip a year! 

Due to the encouragement of her husband, Susan’s Blood Chemistry results revealed that not only were her liver enzyme levels off the charts, but she was also rapidly approaching liver failure.  Because her test results were so abnormal, a 9Health Fair medical professional called her personally to inform her of the results and to recommend that she see a doctor.  She followed up with her physician who ordered a liver ultrasound which led to an Autoimmune Hepatitis diagnosis.  Susan’s immune system was literally attacking her liver– and she had no idea. 
Now, under the care of a gastroenterologist, Susan is receiving the care she needs to manage this condition and is doing very well.  When Susan reflects back on her hesitations, she shudders as she remembers she almost did not go to the fair.  Where would she be now?  How long would she go before noticing symptoms of her liver failure?  Another fair season is rapidly approaching and Susan has already used the 9Health Fair website to find out when her area’s fair will be this year.  There will be no more “skipping a year” for her!