Time to Head for the Hills… the Foothills that Is

If you’re one of those people who loves snowy winters, we’re off to a good start. How about taking a trip up into the mountains? Or at least the foothills? Here are several activities to get you out of the house and moving while having fun.

Outdoor Activities to Try this Month

activities near meIce skating

There are lots of places to go ice skating, such as the Southwest Rink or Rink at Belmar, but a little higher up in the foothills you’ll find Evergreen Lake. That’s a great place to not only ice skate, but also play a bit of pond hockey.


You’ll be amazed as to how much you can warm up when you strap on snowshoes and start walking. It’s a great activity on a sunny day or when the snow is lightly falling. No snowshoes? No problem! Put on your hiking boots and go for a winter hike!

Snowball Fight

We’re not talking your typical, short-lived snowball fight here. We’re talking teams and lots of snowball ammo! According to Exact Sciences, you can burn 320 calories an hour with a good snowball fight. So set a timer and start throwing. If you find yourself getting tired halfway through, take a short break and make snow angels. Then, get back to it!


Sledding is so much fun, and all that walking back up the hill gives you a good workout.

Whatever you end up doing, make the most out of the snow and enjoy your winter fun!