True or False: Ignorance is bliss.

PSA jumped up
“My brother Fran died in 2012 (in orange shirt),” says Paul. “My other brother Gerard (Washington shirt) also had prostate cancer but beat it. I’m on the right with the Hawaiian shirt.”

Taking a deep dive into your health can be a bit intimidating. Many people want to live in ignorance for fear of discovering something scary about their health. But, what if you could avoid scary health issues? Remember, early detection is key. And for many people, their health results are confirmation that their health is on track.

It is also especially important to get a yearly checkup when you know your family history. Many diseases are hereditary, so you want to monitor your numbers before something becomes a problem.

My PSA Jumped Up Dramatically in One Year

Paul Vanhoudt lost his brother to prostate cancer in 2012. “So, I know what it means when this isn’t treated early,” he says.

Paul has been attending 9Health Fair for about eight years. “I’ve been keeping an eye on several parts of my blood test results,” he says. “When my PSA (prostate specific antigen) jumped from 2.0 to 3.2 in one year, I got a biopsy and found cancer.”

The normal limit for PSA is 4.0. “It was the change that triggered the biopsy, and I wouldn’t have seen that if I hadn’t been going to 9Health Fair. I treated the cancer aggressively and early…” says Paul. Now his doctor is telling them that he sees no evidence of cancer.

Great news Paul!

According to Paul, 9Health Fair has had a positive impact on his life. “I’m much more aware of my health status,” he says. He also says that he remembers to take his results to his doctor each year for his checkup. If you think ignorance is bliss, perhaps Paul’s story can show you that knowledge is power.

We hope those who attend are remembering to do the same. For those who’ve never been to a 9Health Fair before, we invite you to Own Your Health.