What Your Body Is Telling You

Depending how old you are, you have been living in your body for many years. But how often do you stop to listen to what it is telling you?
Stop and think about it, your body is always communicating with you …
  • When you can’t breathe walking up a flight of stairs
  • When you feel sick with the flu
  • When your heart skips a beat when you see your beloved
  • When you get stomach flutters at the top of the roller coaster
These are all loud and clear communications most of us have experienced at one time or another. But what about the more subtle whispers or even the silent indicators that your body is sending you? That’s where your 9Health Fair results can help you receive communication from your body.
In the coming days and weeks thousands of people who attended 9Health Fair will receive their 9Health Fair results that provide a behind-the-scenes tour of their health and messages their body is sending.
The results shed light on how your body is functioning by providing information about the amount of certain key elements that are critical to the appropriate function of your body’s organ system. For example, 9Health Fair results show all of the levels in your cholesterol HDL, LDL, total cholesterol and cholesterol ratio which is important in understanding your risk for heart disease. This chart shows what the ranges are, but you need your actual results to see how you are doing.

Once you receive the message your body is sending through your 9Health Fair results, you have the power to change them if needed. Small changes can make a big difference, says Lori Mosca, MD, director of the Columbia Center for Heart Disease Prevention in New York City.“For every point you raise your HDL — that’s the ‘good’ cholesterol — you reduce your risk of coronary disease by 2%,” she says. “So just raising HDL by five points cuts your heart disease risk by 10%!”
To learn more about your 9Health Fair results, our website will provide you with answers to many of your questionsand help you know what your blood results mean. For important links and more in-depth information about our screenings and results, visit the 9Health Topic of the Month page. You can also contact your health care provider, a 9Health Fair nurse (303-698-4455), or a King Soopers or City Market pharmacist for additional questions you may have. Pharmacists do not diagnose or treat, but they can help you understand what the terms mean and what they are testing.
Non-Fasting results
The 9Health Fair Medical Advisory Committee (MAC), comprised of an array of top medical professionals, has been following the research on the trend towards non-fasting blood serum results for several years. For the first time, 9Health Fair has made fasting before the blood chemistry screening optional. Two levels may appear out of the normal range on non-fasting blood chemistry results. Glucose and triglyceride levels can be affected by eating prior to having your blood drawn. Both measures are easily interpreted as non-fasting levels by health care providers.
This change will help get rid of the fasting obstacle and make it easier for people to get the screenings.
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