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9Health has been asked by the State to help distribute the COVID-19 vaccine in select communities. If you are in a selected community you will receive information on how to sign up from community organizations. The State provides a list of vaccine locations and how to contact each here (scroll down to bottom of the page). Click here to join our email list.

We have also partnered with COVIDCheck Colorado for COVID-19 testing, and offer an antibody test through Quest Diagnostics. Information on all programs below.

COVID-19 Vaccine: What to Expect with 9Health Expert Dr. Payal Kohli

COVID-19 Vaccine Fast Facts


Key Points

  • FREE, no matter your insurance status (insurance information is helpful to our partners who support this effort, but it’s not required)
  • No ID required
  • Side effects are mild for most people
  • The vaccine cannot make you sick with COVID-19, it doesn’t contain a live virus. Click to learn more.
  • The available vaccines require two doses, three to four weeks apart depending on which vaccine.
  • Immunity isn’t immediate – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it takes a few weeks.
  • Get the facts.

Click here for more information on vaccine distribution from the State of Colorado or call COHELP at 303-389-1687.

Two vaccines are authorized and recommended to prevent COVID-19

Click on each name to learn more 
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine: Two Shots, 21 days apart, 95% effective

Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine: Two shots, 28 days apart, 94.1% effective

Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine: One shot,  66.3% effective

What to Expect:


Some people may experience:

  • Mild pain and swelling at the injection site
  • Fever, chills, tiredness, headache – flu-like symptoms that should go away in a few days
  • Reach out to your health provider or call our 9Health Neighbors line at 303-698-4455, ext. 2005, to talk to a medical professional if you have concerns about any symptoms.

Do you still need to wear a mask?

The simple answer right now is yes. Eventually, everyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one, but until it is widely available and community immunity is achieved – everyone needs to keep following public health protocols to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Wear a mask, physically distance, avoid gatherings, stay home if you feel sick, and wash your hands often.

The Vaccine is Just Part of your Prevention Plan

To get back to regular activities the COVID-19 vaccine is essential along with routine health screenings. You can get affordable 9Health screenings anytime, no matter your insurance status, through Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers.

COVID-19 Testing – for Active Infections

9Health continues to work with COVIDCheck Colorado to provide COVID-19 testing to underserved Colorado communities. We are now helping with four sites across the Denver Metro area. Click here to see all locations and to make your appointment.

How do you know if you should get a COVID-19 test?

Simply put, “Everyone should get tested,” said 9Health Expert Dr. Payal Kohli, “The more testing we do, the more we’re going to slow the spread of this virus.”

There are three main groups of people that need to get tested for COVID:

1. Those experiencing symptoms of COVID – Typical symptoms include cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, fever, and chills

2. Those who have had a known exposure – If you were in close contact with somebody that tests positive (was within six feet for more than 15 minutes) – your close contacts should also get tested

3. Those that are high risk for exposure – essential workers, even if asymptomatic

COVID-19 Antibody Test and Other 9Health Preventive Screenings

Check to see if you have the COVID-19 antibodies by signing up for a COVID-19 antibody test through 9Health and then schedule your appointment at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center. If you want additional health screenings, you can use the same blood. See all screenings and sign up below.

Health Screenings Available Why it Matters 9Health Rate
COVID-19 ANTIBODY The presence of antibodies in your blood indicates that you probably have been exposed to COVID-19. $79

Buy Now

BLOOD TYPE Early research shows certain blood types may be associated with a higher risk of severe COVID-19. $30

Buy Now

BLOOD CHEMISTRY Checks your major systems which can put you at increased risk of complications from COVID-19 – including cholesterol levels for heart health and tests for kidney and liver health. $39

Buy Now

BLOOD CELL COUNT Tells you how many infection-fighting white blood cells you have and the oxygen-carrying capacity of your blood. $25

Buy Now

HEMOGLOBIN A1C – DIABETES This disease may increase the risk of and complications from COVID-19. $35 Buy Now
VITAMIN B 12 An important vitamin for healthy immune function. Your immune function is a strong determinant of your risk of and complications from COVID-19. $25

Buy Now

VITAMIN D An important vitamin for healthy immune function. Your immune function is a strong determinant of your risk of and complications from COVID-19. $60

Buy Now

HsCRP The high-sensitivity C-reactive protein test gives a baseline measure of inflammation. HsCRP increases dramatically in severe cases of COVID-19. $35

Buy Now

Prostate Specific Antogen (PSA) Measures a protein produced by the prostate gland.  An elevated level of PSA in the blood may indicate prostate cancer. $35

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ONLINE HEALTH ASSESSMENTS Know where you stand with your health and discover your risks and vulnerabilities. FREE

We’re On Call For You

Have additional questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, testing, or what you can do to stay in good health? Our medical professionals are standing by to answer all your questions. 

Call 1-800-332-3078 #2005 to leave a message and receive a call within 24 hours.

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