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charityThousands of Coloradans are facing crushing changes in the healthcare environment and that means increasing numbers of people will begin to rely on the services of 9Health for their baseline health information.

Good health insurance has made receiving medical attention possible for many of us. Now, the shifting tide of healthcare is demanding that we all become health consumers—healthcare cannot be taken for granted anymore.

Your charitable gifts help provide health security to many of our vulnerable community members as well as wellness inspiration. Trusted for 38 years, 9Health provides affordable and convenient health education and screenings to ALL Colorado families, friends, and neighbors. 9Health Fairs are volunteer-run and provide over 30 free screenings to support public health and well-being. When you donate to 9Health, you are helping our community to achieve happier, healthier lives.

Through your generous donation, we can provide life-saving screenings:

Thank you! Your donation will directly go towards helping thousands of people by providing life-saving early detection, screenings, prevention, and follow-up health resources. Please remember that gifts are tax-deductible and no donation is too big or small—and everything helps!

Ways You Can Donate

Colorado Gives Day

We hope when you’re participating in Colorado Gives Day you’ll donate to 9Health Fair!

Donate Online

If you want to make a secure donation online, click here

Donate By Mail

  1. If you prefer to donate by mail, please print and fill out our donation form.
  2. Mail your financial gift to:
    Director of Development
    1139 Delaware Street
    Denver, CO 80204

Donate By Telephone

Call (303) 698-4455 and ask for the Vice President of Philanthropy.

No donation is ever too small.
We greatly value the contributions of all our donors.
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donate to 9Health Fair“I like to participate in 9Health Fair because I feel like I learn something new every time. Whether it’s tips on healthy eating or information on analyzing blood test results, I appreciate having so much information provided all in one place. I never realized how important the blood screening was, prior to hearing about it at 9Health Fair. It’s helped me make some adjustments to daily habits, to try to be as healthy as possible.” TaRhonda Thomas, 9News Anchor/Reporter

What Your Donation Provides

When you donate to 9Health Fair, you’re helping to provide health education and screenings to families across the state. Donations allow us to provide important services such as pap smears, vision and hearing screenings, low-cost blood screenings and so much more. With your donation, many people will have access to life-saving early detection tests and the education they need to prevent many serious diseases.