Mental Health in Colorado

Why don’t we take the same preventive measures for our mental health as we do in addressing cardiovascular disease or pre-diabetes for instance? 9Health has been bringing preventive health to all Coloradans for 40-years and now is approaching mental health with a similar preventive modality.

Mental health is quickly becoming one of the highest priorities in Colorado. Prevention and access to affordable resources are key to addressing this problem. Recently, the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) reported that 1 in 4 Coloradans had at least one or more days of poor mental health, which is defined as stress, depression, or emotional problems.

Unfortunately, Colorado ranks 43rd—nearly at the bottom—in prevalence of mental health issues and access to treatment, according to Mental Health America. In fact, there is such high demand for mental health resources that there is a shortage of access to available, affordable care. Cost in particular was cited as the top reason many did not seek mental health services (CHI).

How Is 9Health Making An Impact?

Recognizing enormous need, 9Health has stepped up to help. We now have online depression and anxiety screenings at, where anyone can go—anonymously—to determine their risk factors for depression and anxiety.

On completion of the screenings, 9Health immediately connects people to FREE mental health therapy through our unique partnership with Spark the Change, a nonprofit providing professional pro bono therapy to those in need.

Let’s work together to close the gap on much needed mental health services in Colorado. Your gift of $50, $150, $250, $500—or any amount—will help 9Health provide no-cost screenings that will connect people to free therapy. This is what 9Health does best, but we rely on our partnership with you and your commitment to community health to accomplish our mission.

Please visit to make your tax-deductible donation or return the enclosed envelope with your gift. Your generosity will help us to address the mental health challenges that many of our community members, neighbors, friends, and family face.

We appreciate your gift and the great deal of support you provide to 9Health and your community.

What Your Donation Provides

9Health continually seeks to reduce barriers in pursuit of better health and quality of life for everyone. 9Health is proud to serve our community no matter an individual’s ability to pay. When you donate to 9Health Fair, you’re helping us to breakdown more barriers in communities throughout Colorado.

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